I have over 20 years experience of running art workshops with schools, colleges and galleries with a diverse range of community groups. I am only able to offer external workshops to galleries, Embroiderers Guilds and community groups- examples of the types of workshop I can offer can be found here (click for link).

ONLINE: I offer a small range of workshops and talks via zoom such as 'The Art of Paper and Stitch' talk & Q&A, a Zoom Paper Flowers Makalong and a Paper Dresses Workshop (but I do hope to add more later this year):

Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer workshops to school groups. However you will hopefully be interested to know that you can come to me at my gallery, Unit Twelve, to participate in an art workshop and learn skills new skills to take back into school

Alternatively I am able to offer private workshops at Unit Twelve on a day of your choosing for 4-10 people for £295.

For details of all forthcoming workshops you can participate in, please click on the link below: